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Special Interests


Newborn/Infant Care

I started my first job as a pediatrician within 5 months of having my first child.  Given this, being a pediatrician has always been closely tied to being a new (very sleep deprived) parent.  I love helping to launch new parents into their first months of parenthood.  I also perform circumcisions and frenotomies in clinic if needed.  I give frequent talks to expectant parents through Scripps (available to those delivering at one of the Scripps Hospitals) - please contact me if interested in signing up!

Kids Running

Preventive Medicine

I consider one of my chief roles as a pediatrician to be empowering children and families to develop healthy habits that will extend into adulthood.  I routinely focus on the areas of nutrition, sleep, exercise, and personal responsibility.

Kids Running
Happy Family

Behavioral and Mental Health

The number of children and adolescents struggling with mental health disorders is rising, while appropriate care remains hard to access.  My own frustration at the lack of much needed mental health care for my patients led me to seek better understanding and further training to bridge this gap.  I provide thorough consultations for diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, and ADHD.

Telehealth Medicine

During these rapidly changing and busy times, having easy access to quality health care is more vital than ever.  I value being accessible to my patients by a variety of means including telehealth visits. 

* Please note that not all visit types will be appropriate for a virtual visit format  and discretion should be used as needed.

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