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In Office Procedures

Dr. Lee is trained to perform several procedures in the office that can help you avoid delays in care and save you time needed to see a specialist. 


Neonatal circumcisions can be performed in the office up to age 2-3 weeks.  Please check out the information about circumcisions reviewed under the Health Topics tab above.


Frenotomy is a procedure that involves clipping of the frenulum (the filmy tissue connecting the bottom of the tongue to the floor of the mouth) in newborns with tongue ties.  This procedure is only recommended for those whose tongue ties are severe and/or may be interfering with proper latching and effective breastfeeding.  Please note that not all babies with tongue ties require a frenotomy.

Wart and molluscum treatments

While safe, warts and molluscum are often stubborn and long-lasting. Indications for treatment include pain, progressive spread, and cosmetic concerns.  They often require 1-3 rounds of treatment depending on the size for complete resolution.

Ear Piercing

Ear piercings can be performed in a safe, sterile manner using a method that requires minimal after care.  This can done in patients 3 months or older after getting at least one dose of the DTaP vaccine.

*  This procedure is usually NOT covered by insurance and may require self-pay.

Minor Laceration Repair

Many minor lacerations or cuts can be repaired in the office using "skin glue" or staples, saving your child the trauma of stitches and the need for a return visit for suture removal.  Deeper cuts however, usually require stitches.   If you are uncertain whether stitches are necessary or not, please request an evaluation to determine the right course of action.  

Subungual (nail) hematoma cauterization

Subungual or nail hematomas are bleeding under the nail, usually resulting from crush injuries of the finger or toe. Relieving the pressure created by the bleeding can significantly decrease not only pain but the risk of damaging the nail.  A tiny hole can be drilled into the nail almost painlessly to achieve this.

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